Neither lasting relations with local authorities nor long-term contracts with companies are the basic capital of SIEMACHA. We work on the grounds of ideas and people who bring them to life with passion, enthusiasm and persistence.

We are convinced that effective activities for the development of young people have to focus on their assets, namely their skills, aspirations and creative potential, and not on their deficiencies, dysfunctions and pathologies. Focusing on the deficiencies of pupils makes young people nurture and express their problems as a potential source of profits.

The form of aid that has shaped our social activities for years is based on creating the best possible environment for the creative development of children and the youth. Stimulating motivation, designing new challenges and pointing out ambitious goals is one of the most important educational tasks that brings outstanding effects — it helps young people trust other people, institutions and the society as a whole. As a renowned Polish psychiatrist, professor Kępiński used to say — „One who does not build has to destroy”. In an almost natural way SIEMACHA facilities that provide carefully shaped, modern and well equipped space, make our pupils feel responsible for their surroundings, shape respect for others and ignite a will to learn and to become an active part of social life.