„Supporting the growth of youth leaders is a task of special importance for all educational environments. No youth community can develop in harmony and ensure the passing of standards and rules of behaviour if it does not build a group of peers that would become its pulling engine".

SIEMACHA Association
At a certain stage of development young people trust their peers the strongest — sometimes stronger then their teachers at school, representatives of institutions or family members at home. This trust creates a bond, and bonds create communities. In pedagogical work we use this potential every single day.

​To us, leaders are crucial – they are a group of around a dozen pupils of SIEMACHA whose responsibility, resourcefulness and sensitivity to the needs of others stand out of the crowd. They, the ambitious youth leaders, are the building material and catalyst for building new communities in SIEMACHA facilities. Leaders are peers who are not a threat, but a model for others. As it turns out, a young person that trusts another young person also trusts adults. This astonishing yet proved logic of „peer models” enables us to successfully increase the capital of social trust.