„There is no difference between theft and spending money on things outdated, slapdash and redundant. A good educator rejects the very idea of providing young people with low quality and sentencing them to an environment that, in terms of aesthetic value, oscillates somewhere between the conservative mohair and the aggressive hood. A young person using the offer of a social institution should feel invited to a simple and modest world, yet one tidy, aesthetic and well-considered. While avoiding sumptuousness, one can keep all the standards of good taste".

SIEMACHA Association

Quality is a way of showing respect. Unfortunately even at the best schools one can sometimes see faulty light bulbs, torn curtains, dirty windows, rickety furniture and appalling toilets. Add this to the outdated computers at the bank and really worn out furniture in a closed office and you see the message that young people tend to get — that this is their measure and they are worth nothing more. And yet painting a room in well-selected colours costs the same as drowning it in the gloom of grey and brown.

There is value to making sure that young people who grow up in grey blocks of flats with burned staircases have the opportunity to experience a pleasant and well prepared space. The well kept interiors of SIMECHACHA premises, modern multimedia and care for the detail grow from our awareness as to the importance of material surroundings for the development of a young person. Dreams and aspirations, the sense of aesthetics and „taste” are created by spending time with orderly, attractive and beautiful phenomena.