„Shaping personality is the basic task of sport. Sport enables young people to acquire important social experiences — they build a team, learn to obey rules, they strive for a common goal, they go through victories and losses together”.

Stowarzyszenie SIEMACHA
Physical activity is an important element of the development of young people. Sport is more than recreation and fun. It is also a key dimension of education that makes us experience such values as endurance, fairness and solidarity. Sport has important educational functions. Developing one’s physical condition requires systematicity, team games teach collaboration, following rules strengthens respect for the law and experiencing victories and losses hardens personalities. We are determined in promoting this point of view on sports by running Com-Com Zone Development Centres and the Progress Academy of Sport.

Com-Com Zones are multi-purpose sports establishments inspired by the synthesis of 6 concepts: company and competition, communication and comfort, competence and community.

The Progress Academy of Sport is a sports school that offers professional equipment, good training conditions and supervision of specialised staff to young sportsmen. Thanks to our collaboration with local authorities and businesses thousands of people have access to modern sports infrastructure, the support of qualified instructors and most of all — the opportunity to experience dynamic personal and social development.