„The pupils of professor Kępiński recall his simple rule – you need at least 300 hours of personal conversation with a patient to observe improvement. It is almost as if you talked to a person an hour a day throughout one year. The improvement is a fact”.

SIEMACHA Association
We usually talk about doubt, suffering, illness or loss to ourselves. Why is it so? We are always at hand, we know how to reach ourselves and we know we can trust ourselves. There are many methods of internal dialogue. Dreaming can be a hidden form, a symptom of an illness can be a metaphor describing an existential problem. Only when that dialogue isn’t enough we reach out. One of the possible types of that „external” conversation is psychotherapy. As a tested treatment of psychological symptoms and damages it helps us overcome a crisis, regain control over our psychological existence and make significant changes in our lives.

But the road to psychotherapy is often growing longer than necessary due to shame, prejudice and fear of stigmatisation. We are convinced that conversation can have therapeutic power — it can build strength in another person, as well as enthusiasm and vitality so crucial for living. During the meetings the psychotherapists from the Krakow Institute of Psychotherapy try to not only bring the patients out of the meanders of shame, revilement and rejection, but also to convince them that every person at a crisis situation has the right to therapy.