We are growing steadily: opening new centres and creating new spaces for development. Yet our primary development is in-depth, which means that we are working on ideas, researching and investigating contemporary culture, setting up diagnoses, and searching for optimum solutions.

For 22 years we have been changing the shape of the Polish society, standing up for such values as the “backyard” and “peer education”. We are looking boldly into the future. We have well-honed plans for the coming decade, and we set our ambitious goals very high.

By 2020, we want to develop into the largest and best functioning organisation for public benefit systematically providing aid for children and young people in Poland. Our ambition is to develop a national network of modern SIEMACHA Spot centres. We are developing a world-pioneering project “SIEMACHA in commercial centres” and therefore – on a national and global scale – we are claiming social space in places that are thoroughly commercial. We run Com-Com Zone Development Centres that enjoy great popularity and gain plenty of enthusiastic supporters. Thanks to the careful alignment of social and commercial activity, we also provide an increasing number of places where specialist psychological assistance is provided free of charge by qualified therapists from the Kraków Psychotherapeutic Institute.