SIEMACHA: new generation of a social organisation

SIEMACHA Association is one of the biggest social organisations in Poland, distinguished by its system of support strategy, network structure of activities and strong institutional identity. The Association develops a network of modern institutions that offer young people the right conditions for dynamic personal and social growth.

The development of young people’s personalities and their success in adulthood are the measures of our success - says Rev. Andrzej Augustyński, the General Director of the SIEMACHA Association.

SIEMACHA combines education, sport and therapy in a pioneering way to create a coherent pedagogical system. Education supplemented by sport and therapy reaches higher potential and effectiveness. Sport regains its pedagogical function when positioned in the context of education and therapy. Therapy, thanks to the close contact with education and sport, becomes more accessible and free from stigmatising stereotypes. More than 2000 pupils benefit from the offer of the Association every day free of charge. 150 children receive round-the-clock care and 500 young sportsmen enjoy regular training in the Jerzy Dudek Progress Academy of Sport.

Social innovation
Implementing social innovation is the goal and pride of the SIEMACHA Association. In 2008 SIEMACHA opened a unique Com-Com Zone Development Centre in Krakow — a dynamic space for the synthesis of education, sport and therapy, one that gained wide international recognition. In 2010 the organisation opened the first in the world institution for the youth and children connected to a shopping mall in Tarnów. In 2012 thanks to the efforts of SIEMACHA therapeutic offer has been introduced at a shopping mall in Rzeszów. In 2014 a pioneering project of a Modern Children Home in Odporyszów has been completed.

Network structure
​The organisation is based in 30 locations across Poland where it runs day care facilities — SIEMACHA Spot; round-the-clock facilities — SIEMACHA Spot 24/7; holiday facilities — SIEMACHA Spot Camp; development centres — Com-Com Zone; Progress Academy of Sport as well as the branches of a Krakow Institute of Psychotherapy.
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