„SIEMACHA Fundamentals is a programme of SIEMACHA Association initiated in June 2013 We want to discuss the five statutory values of our organisation – leadership, durability, quality, transparency, system – in a series of thematic workshops furthering the management of our organisation. The goal behind the programme is to reinforce the conceptual identity of the Association. 

The programme was officially inaugurated in June 2013 Since then every following six-month period is devoted to the investigation of another value. An away-day session of the Board of the Association dedicated to leadership was held in October, and in December, SIEMACHA management (over 40 people) participated in a two-day workshop inspired by Chris Lowney’s Heroic Leadership.

The first meeting was held in Rzeszów on 11th and 12th December 2013 For two days, we discussed and reflected on the value of leadership. We also considered the most adequate model of leadership for the culture of our organisation.

“Today, leadership is a skill that enjoys exceptional popularity and is one of the statutory values of SIEMACHA. We decided to devote more attention to it this year because we believe that only “heroic leadership” is capable of providing an organisation with success and development”, said Andrzej Augustyński, Director General of the SIEMACHA Association.

​The second meeting in this series concerned systemic action. Our Association carefully combines three areas of operation: education, sport, and therapy. This also means that we are building a lasting network of specialist centres. It is not a coincidence that the three elements – education, sport, and therapy – were taken together; it is a systemic solution that builds a new quality: a space for multidimensional development of young people. In turn, by setting up the centres we make our assistance long-term, professional, and efficient, in this way breaking away from the stereotypes of non-governmental activity, which is temporary, ad hoc, and ineffective.