„A modern children’s home was built in Odporyszów near Tarnów. With approximately 1500 sq.m (16,000 sq.ft) of space, the building was carefully designed and is the first facility in Poland to be built and designed from scratch for that purpose. The total cost of construction (approximately PLN 3.5 million) was financed by donors. Children from Kraków and Dąbrowskie County moved in in August 2014. 

We had a dream: “a modern children’s home”. We wanted it to be carefully designed and solidly built; spacious and comfortable, yet at the same time cheap to use.

Zbigniew Jagiełło – CEO of PKO Bank Polski, and Stanisław Łukasik, owner of Inter-Bud, let our dreams come true. Anna Buczek with a team of architects made a beautiful architectural design. The idea of setting up a childcare centre in Odporyszów received the support of Mirosław Banach, Deputy Starost of Tarnów. More donors joined the ranks. Construction started in the spring of 2013. We are getting ready for the moment when young people will come to live in the new building.

Our “modern children’s home” will have no cooks, cleaners, and maintenance staff. All the duties, including shopping, cooking, and cleaning, will be done by the SIEMACHA people assisted by the tutors. This is how they are going to obtain the necessary skills and learn to be responsible for themselves and others.

​The house will be open to its environment, which is why it received additional functionalities. It will have space for educational, artistic, and sports activities for around 100 children from Odporyszów and vicinity. There will also be a generally accessible covered swimming pool and gyms. The facility will be available for the charges of SIEMACHA from Kraków, Tarnów, Rzeszów, Kielce, Wrocław and other locations, and young athletes from AS Progres. Stables will be built nearby, and a riding section will be set up.