„Share My Heart” is SIEMACHA’s new project whose goal is to share what gives us most satisfaction and turns our passion and determination into ever growing civic activity with you. Every month we will present to you a succession of SIEMACHA charges on the main page of our website: people of various personalities, unique talents, and exceptional stamina in overcoming various obstacles. 

We perceive a young human through his or her strengths, true interests, and hidden potential. We are primarily interested in their potential and the talents that they could reforge into an important personal success. We provide the space and the necessary aids for young people to develop their interests, find self-assurance in their own value, and find fulfilment in building lasting relations with others, primarily through their personal effort and contact with peers. This conviction we express at every opportunity. In our social campaigns we do not try to peddle the image of disadvantaged and sad children. We use no personal life stories of our charges to rouse ephemeral emotions. “Share My Heart” is another opportunity to strengthen this conviction and reinforce our message.

Every month, as part of the “Share My Heart” project, we will present a succession of charges on the main page of the SIEMACHA Association. They – the young people who build powerful peer communities – are the greatest success of SIEMACHA. Their exceptional personalities, surprising talents, and great dreams are what we want to share also with you. “Share My Heart” is an invitation to become acquainted with SIEMACHA charges and alumni and will prove that daring visions and systematic work can let you achieve a great deal.

​“Share My Heart” is an invitation that may possibly sound alien to the Polish ear, as it is formed in English, yet at the same time, it must be familiar to us, because if you pronounce it properly in English, it sounds just like a Polish SIEMACHA. Check for yourselves! You can find proof in dictionaries that give you the following phonetic transcription [ʃæ maı ha:(t)]. This is another discovery that we want to share with you and to make it a part of our identity as well. “Share My Heart” means SIEMACHA!