„Taking over numerous public functions, contemporary shopping centres aspire to the role of alternative city centres and therefore must take account of social services in addition to commercial services in their operation. Spacious and roofed, the centres have turned into contemporary streets, and now must boldly face the same challenges as real streets”, Father Andrzej Augustyński, General Director of the SIEMACHA Association. ​

Shopping centres have turned into contemporary streets. We not only do our shopping within, but also visit the cafés, meet friends, go to the cinema, and even take walks. Young people spend more and more time passively and unproductively in the centres. They lose their skills, squander their talents, and gain bad habits.

​SIEMACHA Spot or the “new generation backyards” are an innovative answer to the current transformations of the municipal fabric. Modern care centres situated in shopping arcades provide young people with lasting relations with their peers, an attractive range of workshops, and the highest quality music and multimedia equipment. SIEMACHA Spot serve meetings and bringing up young people to make responsible citizens in the future.