Peers have authority 

Family and school, according to traditional beliefs, are the unquestioned pillars of education and upbringing. SIEMACHA strives to enhance their educational potential, at the same time adding a third element: the world of peer education, i.e. “the courtyard”. This can be any space where the impact of adults is limited.

“The courtyard” provides a wealth of social experience and is therefore a valuable addition to an unconditionally loving family, and a school applying criteria of objective assessment. The reality of the “courtyard” entails achieving a social position and respecting agreed rules. In this way, thanks to lasting ties, the “courtyard” contrasts with the street, which represents anonymous, superficial, and therefore dangerous relations.

“Peer education” is the discovery which we have based the activities of our centres on. Each of our centres has an element of family and an element of school, but it is mostly a “courtyard”, where young people, whether male or female, are vested with a high level of trust.

SIEMACHA Spot day care centres offer plenty of attractive activities, yet their greatest value is in the potential for building lasting relationships with peers and participation in the life of the community. SIEMACHA Spot 24/7, i.e. 24 hour centres, provide loving care but above all they make it possible to acquire skills that will be very useful on the path to full independence. SIEMACHA Spot Camp embraces carefully prepared events and trips that serve in overcoming barriers and gaining new experiences.