Sport’s power to educate  

Physical activity is a crucial element in the development of a young person. Sport is more than just recreation and fun, as it is a key dimension of education that makes us experience a range of values including perseverance, honesty, and solidarity.

Sport fulfils an important educational function. Work on physical fitness requires a systematic approach and team games teach harmonious group work, while adhering to rules reinforces respect for the law, and experiencing of defeats and victories toughens the personality. We determinedly promote such an understanding of sport in our running of Com-Com Zone Development Centres, and the Sports Academy PROGRES.

Com-Com Zones are multifunctional sport facilities, whose operation is inspired by a combination of six ideas: company and competition, communications and comfort, and competence and community. Sports Academy PROGRES is a sport school that provides young players with professional equipment, optimum conditions for training, and coaching from specialist staff. Its Honorary Patron is the footballer Jerzy Dudek.

​We define the standards of the social economy in Poland. Thanks to partnerships with local and regional governments, and entrepreneurs, we provide thousands of people with access to state-of-the-art sport infrastructure, the support of highly skilled instructors, and last but certainly not least – an opportunity for dynamic personal and social development.