Therapy, or the land of conversation  

We usually discuss our own doubts, suffering, illness and bereavement with ourselves. Why so? We’ve always got ourselves close at hand, we know where to find ourselves, and we trust ourselves. There are plenty of ways to conduct an internal dialogue.

It can be hidden in the form of a dream, or the symptoms of a new illness may be a sort of metaphor describing an existential problem. Only when this dialogue is no longer sufficient do we go outside, beyond ourselves. One of the potential forms of “external” dialogue is psychotherapy, which – being a proven method of treating psychological symptoms and traumas – helps to combat a crisis, regain control over psychological functioning, and introduce significant life changes. However, the path to psychotherapy is frequently long, due to shame and shyness, prejudice, and fear of being stigmatised.

We are convinced that talking heals. The Kraków Institute of Psychotherapy (KIP), part of the SIEMACHA Association, stems from the Kraków school of psychiatry of Antoni Kępiński and Maria Orwid. Our teams of therapists work according to the same systemic paradigms. Their characteristic feature is availability, which means that anyone can come here “from the street”: without a referral from a psychiatrist, and diagnosis and treatment are free of charge.

​Therapy may also take place at the client’s home address, with the whole family participating. We work with all types of disorders, and are supervised and supported by supervisors of the Family Therapy and Psychotherapy Scientific Section of the Polish Psychiatric Association. We provide systemic consultations for many other institutions. SIEMACHA was the first to introduce therapeutic services to shopping galleries.