SIEMACHA stands for 125 years of peer education traditions! In 1886, when the Americans produced the first bottle of Coca-Cola and Germans constructed the first Mercedes car, in Kraków, Father Kazimierz Siemaszko CM discovered the fundamental value of pure education. The idea initiated an exceptional project that has evolved into the SIEMACHA Association.

The history of our organisation and the biographies of the people who over the years participated in its development weave into an exceedingly interesting tale: a tale of discovering energy and enthusiasm, talents and potential “ which have developed” into lasting peer relations.

In 1886, Father Kazimierz Siemaszko organised “a house of shelter and volunteer work for poor and orphaned boys” in a building purchased especially for the purpose at ul. Długa 42 in Kraków. The Father Siemaszko Educational Institutions were forced to discontinue operation in the 1950s.
In 1993, SIEMACHA was reborn in a new form. The first daycare centre of SIEMACHA at ul. Długa 42, was the seedcorn for a network of successively opened centres. The official Founding Meeting of the Association was held in November 2003 It provided a powerful stimulus that resulted in an intensive development of the organisation in the fields of education, sports, and therapy. New forms of statutory activity were launched together with business activity, Modern centres were developed, and the scope of assistance offered was greatly extended. The conceptual foundations of the organisation were carefully reinforced.

SIEMACHA intends to continue its development. This is because we believe that a large community assures stability and provides the knowledge necessary to guarantee efficient aid and assistance.
  • 1886
    Americans produce the first bottle of Coca-Cola.
    Germans construct the first Mercedes car.
    Father Kazimierz Siemaszko discovers peer education.
    ​A novel educational tradition is born in Kraków.
  • 1993
    After a period of forced discontinuation of operation,
    ​SIEMACHA is reborn in a new form.
    The first SIEMACHA day centre of is re-established in Kraków
    which acts as an stimulus to the development
    of a network of such centres.
  • 2004
    The Founding Assembly of the SIEMACHA Association
    takes place in Kraków’s Sukiennice – the Cloth Hall.
    New forms of statutory and economic activity developed.
    ​The organisation keeps developing areas of education,
    sports and therapy.
  • 2016

    SIEMACHA celebrates 23 years of operation.
    The distinguishing factors of the Association
    are the innovativeness of its approach and actions
    extensive ideological foundations, powerful institutional identity,
    ​and national network of operation.